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Now That’s A Name: Comical Sewing Co-Applique

Supermarket music rarely finds itself next to the words “I enjoy listening to.” Based on my experience at the local Jusco, most of the songs either shill for fresh produce or re-imagine the latest Arashi single as MIDI-powered, legally OK dreck. Other places play similar stuff easily brushed off as “elevator music,” an insult to elevators if I’ve ever heard one. The common thread is a very plastic sound that makes the white stuff in Oreos look like water in natural comparison. Comical Sewing Co-Applique’s music sometimes finds beauty in these stuffy sources. Though the amazingly named artist isn’t swiping the Max Valu soundtrack wholesale, the music relies on similar cheese. The short “No Nose” features circus sounds against goofy synths, noises that alone would be easily laughed at but when combined form a strangely hypnotic best. A little more unabashedly absurd is “Gondola Milk,” which stacks water drips on farts of Polka and lets the ridiculousness just merry-go-round for a bit. Not all of CSC-A’s music bends like this – “Corn Pet” uses more organic noises, sounding at times composed in a kitchen, while earlier experiments like “KuKu” explore more minimalist territory – but grocery-appropriateness shows up a lot. It’s surprisingly listenable considering it sometimes feels not far removed from the bread aisle. Listen here.