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Now That’s Indie-Pop!: Syanmonika’s “Nostalgic Blue”

Recently, I went to a music conference in Shibuya that was heavy on seminars focused on China. Turns out the Chinese market…it’s a big one, guys! Anyway, one of the presentations talked about how Japanese music can get over to China, and one of the most popular styles with listeners was listed as “indie pop (City Pop).” Which…huh? Those two things are so radically different, one being about glitzy maximalism (and having a lot of great equipment to work with) while the other is something you could record with your friends in a garage while feeling particular sappy. Syanmonika’s “Nostalgic Blue” is indie-pop, a chugging number built around guitar and a simple beat, featuring singing that conceals just a touch of melancholy for something. Simple, yes, but the best indie-pop tends to be just that. Listen above.