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Odds And Sods: Nites X&Y2

OK, quick review lesson about the projects of Nobuyuki Sakuma, who records music as Jesse Ruins and Nites:

Jesse Ruins – A duo on record and a trio live. Signed to Captured Tracks, an American label. Makes dark, moody songs as a band, featuring vocals courtesy of a singer.

Nites – A solo project, also Sakuma’s DJ name. With CUZ ME PAIN. Makes dark, moody dance music. Also serves as a hub for remixes…ignoring that time Jesse Ruins remixed Teen Daze.

Got it? OK, so here comes a “new” bite-size release from Nites, the just-over-ten-minutes X&Y2 collection available here. “New” gets the scare-quote treatment because these tracks aren’t actually new, but rather early demos from Nites that the world at large hasn’t had a chance to hear until now. It’s also interesting because these tracks actually don’t sound like the description listed above – “Whirlgig Like Her” doesn’t resemble any sort of dance music, but is a few bongo strikes away from being pure ambient music. “Lip The Casualties” resembles the production work associated with Nites over the last few years, though the general wonkiness of the song sometimes feel off-putting, although its hard to turn away once you’ve started circling the aural drain. Listen here, or below.

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