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Oldie Goodie: Miniskirt

We try to stay current here on Make Believe Melodies, but I’m willing to buck the rules I barely enforce on myself in special situations. “Special situations” here really meaning “finding some bomb-ass twee music that could have been posted last month or five years ago.” Tokyo outfit (cue laughtrack) Miniskirt make pure, wimpy indie-pop in the style of Sarah Records finest. It helps that the lead singer sounds a lot like the guy from The Field Mice. The most played track on the band’s MySpace page is “Blue Contact Lenses,” which deserves everyone of its 3,302 hits. It’s all about new found crushes, a peppy number about a guy actually leaving his house to say hi to a pretty girl and invite her “to go sit down somewhere.” Elsewhere, “Be Here With Me” manages to name drop a handful of juice flavors while adding a little zing to their jangle-pop via some background organ. Like the best indie-pop, it doesn’t come with an expiration date. This stuff is timeless.