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OMODAKA: “Plumb Song”

The little I’ve read about OMODAKA seems to emphasize how great the artist’s videos are. Very true, but I hope the music isn’t getting shortchanged by this praise for the visual side. What I’ve heard from OMODAKA (mostly from this MySpace page) offers an interesting take on pop music. Though bathing a pop song in 8-bit noises isn’t an original idea (paging Timbaland), OMODAKA slathers club-driven pop songs in video game noises (NOT CHIPTUNE). In a country where the current pop trend is to make humans sound as much like robots as possible, OMODAKA asks “why can’t they sound like Nintendos?” His latest song/video, “Plumb Song,” takes a galloping beat and drips those sweet, sweet cartridge sounds all over it, while employing a very un-pop voice to navigate through it all. And yes, the video is pretty rad and overtly sexual.


Also take a listen to the disco-flavored “Kyotei Daiski” at the MySpace page which sounds even better.

(Via ZB’s A-Z of J-Music)