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On Demand: Towa Tei With Yukihiro Takahashi And Kiko Mizuhara, “The Burning Plain”

Towa Tei’s “The Burning Plain” actually sorta ends up being about…The Burning Plain. “You’ve just set up the DVD/I’ve waited to see it/A movie called The Burning Plain,” pretty directly referencing the 2008 Charlize Theron vehicle, one that didn’t score too highly with Rotten Tomatoes. The rest of the track…featuring Yukihiro Takahasi and Kiko Mizuhara taking control of vocal duties…moves away from this particular movie night to instead focus on devotion. “Whatever that you do, I do/whatever that I do, you do” goes the juicy pre-chorus and maybe that explains why someone would put up with a Guillermo Arriaga dud. The singing is sweet, but it’s Tei’s jazzy electronics that make “The Burning Plain” charming, sounding like the in-store soundtrack for an IKEA space station. The song only exists in sample-size form, though it will appear on Tei’s new album Sunny out May 1. Maybe that LP will feature more references to supposedly bad movies!