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Oorutaichi And Ytamo Share 2011 Collaborative Tour EP Ihati

This blog isn’t running in that sweet, sweet sponsorship money for many reasons, but one is because I’m willing to step back and take a look at, what in 2015 terms, is an artifact. Wonkier artists Oorutaichi and Ytamo toured the Tohoku region of Japan in 2011, and made a special EP called Ihati that was only available then. Well, they went and uploaded it recently, and it is a relaxing, fun little collection that finds two musicians unafraid of getting strange trying out a more lazy-Sunday vibe. Strange little sounds pop up — see finale “Plant,” which gets really wild at the end, complete with heavily manipulated vocals — but the bulk of Ihati is a snapshot of two artists trying out something more easy going…but still coming up with something charming. Listen below, or get it here.