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Orange Milk Records Shares New Albums From DJWWWW And CVN


Orange Milk Records…who have been highlighting great Japanese artists such as Foodman and mus.hiba for some time now…put out four albums late last week, two of which came from a pair of this country’s wonkier producers going. Anyone reading this blog for a while can probably guess what sound DJWWWW’s Arigato leans toward — a disjointed collection of high-definition samples, some sounding like they come from next-gen console games and others lifted from Migos’ songs, all arranged in a way where everything clicks just right. A song like “Sampling” hits all of that, but a longer player like Arigato allows DJWWWW to show off his reserved side as well. Opener “Reality” features some harsh rushes and is constructed out of the same modern-day chaos as, but operates at a more reflective pace. Arigato stands as one of DJWWWW’s finest moments, because he shows just how versatile his modern-day tapestry is. Get it here, or listen below.

Nobuyuki Sakuma — best known as being the driving force of Jesse Ruins — and his CVN project operates in a similar area, albeit one a little less neck-snapping. His Orange Milk release Matters explores similar sonic mish-mash, from opener “First Distinction’s” mix of piano, skittery beats, bubble sounds and noir-sounding samples. It’s never a headfuck like DJWWWW, but…similar to much of Jesse Ruins’ work…unsettling. Get it here, or listen below.