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Osaka Double Dip: New Soleil Soleil And In The Blue Shirt

The always musically fertile Kansai region houses two producers responsible for a pair of 2015’s best releases — Soleil Soleil and In The Blue Shirt — and the two released new works tonight, pretty close to one another. Great timing! Soleil Soleil’s “She Keeps Me Warm” is on the sparse side, the house-loving producer seemingly aiming for something a bit more breath-on-neck intimate. The song shuffled forward, with vocal samples playing out like whispers, lending the song a welcome warmth. Listen above.

In The Blue Shirt starts off seemingly as laid back on “Canicular Days,” a sweet little string-accented number that is a bit of a rest from his EP earlier this year. Yet it isn’t a permanent breather, as just a little over a minute into the song a familiar rush of chopped up, helium-infused vocals rush in and turn it dizzying. Yet despite the cascade of singing, this one still ends really sweetly, those voices coming together to form a sonic pillow for the listener to fall on to…before ratcheting it up once before the finish. It appears to come off of a compilation for this year’s Summer War Game event in Fukuoka, which might get written up as well in the near future. For now, listen below.