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Over The Net: Feather Shuttles Forever’s “Zujou No Seaside Town”

New-ish project Feather Shuttles Forever brings together Hikaru Yamada (of the group Hiakru Yamada and The Librarians) and Mukuchi, who has appeared on this blog a few times with a genre called “seagazer.” Together, they create a shifty electronic-pop number in “Zujou No Seaside Town,” which features smooth singing gliding over an ever-changing backdrop, one teasing hip-hop breakdowns and detours into future bass. It isn’t so much the tension of the music that makes it work, as much as it is how nicely the singing works over whatever sounds the music throws at it (only a piano interlude finds the vocals taking a break all together). A lovely pop song from a project that I hope keeps on going. Listen above. They also put out an album this past February that we missed…well, fix that by going here.