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Pa’s Lam System, Parkgolf, Spazzkid And More Remix Tofubeat’s First Album

It’s easy to scoff at the term “major-label debut,” but here’s where ties to a bigger imprint producer real-deal benefits for a bunch of folks. Tofubeats’ First Album wasn’t actually his first album, but it was his first official full length from Warner Brother’s Japan label UnBorde, and it was a frantic, YouTube-hole-like trip of a record. Now here comes the remix album, which puts the spotlight on some really exciting producers from all over Japan and beyond.

Pa’s Lam System have a knack for creating hyperactive floor fillers…we are still in awe of this onetwo punch from last year…so giving them the already frantic Para-Para-inspired jam from First Album makes sense, though it is impressive they find a way to ratchet up the energy even more. The always wonky Parkgolf gets especially discombobulated on his rework, while Denki Groove member Yoshinori Sunahara turns torch-song “Don’t Stop The Music” slippery. Also popping up is LA-based producer Spazzkid, who puts his touch to “Come On Honey!” Listen to all of them above.

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