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Pistoning: Betapack Vs. Sidechains

Tokyo collective Betapack joins with Sydney-based label Sidechains for a brief but bulldozing set of songs. The artists repping both sides of this split approach electronic music from a steely, clanging angle, with every song here featuring percussion and little sonic details that give them a chilly, metallic feel. Broken Haze has been doing this sort of style — somewhere between neon-lit arcade and auto garage — for a while, so it isn’t surprising his “Initial D – 2nd Stage” is a highlight of this hi-definition approach, full of tight bass and car samples. Sidechains representatives Denzel Sterling and Grasps aren’t quite as drive focused, but their contribution featuring the same thick punch. It’s only Venvella’s “Luminous” that adds in some angelic choruses to lighten the mood — and even then it still pounds. Listen above, or visit their special site.