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Qrion Remixes How To Dress Well: “Repeat Pleasure”

Despite her going viral* on Vine for hopping around during a Zelda-fied remix of “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” Hokkaido artist Qrion’s biggest strength is understatement. Her best songs never overload, but always leave ample space (here’s her finest example). Qrion’s remix of American artist How To Dress Well’s “Repeat Pleasure” draws from this approach, turning the original’s straight-ahead pop down in favor of playing up the acoustic guitar lurking beneath. She takes it from rush to meditative stroll, and repeats vocals. Yet, like the original, it all builds up to a moment of release. Listen above, or get the album this remix appears on here.

*I think…14 million has to be somewhat “popular” on Vine right?