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Re-upped: Aira Mitsuki’s “Days”

Aira Mitsuki is making up for lost time. She released the cryptic (but ultimately accurate) album I’ll Be Back in 2013 and…sort of went away, no new music appearing from her for a couple of years. But since late last year, she’s been releasing new singles. First came “Lightsaver” and then the EDM-tinged “Animo!” two months later. Now she’s carrying the momentum over to 2016, with latest single “Days” officially out today and another one called “Detective A” in stores on April 12.

Let’s zoom in on “Days,” the best song she’s put out since coming back yet. It gets sound production help from Ize Mac of Osaka techno-pop trio Nuxx, who also worked on “Lightsaver,” and “Days” features a skippy beat disrupted by bass swells, with Mitsuki singing over it all in her familiar digi-glazed voice. What sets this one just apart from “Lightsaver” is the sense of drama Mitsuki conjures up, especially when everything stops for a second. Listen above.