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Robo Meat: DELI “Itsumademo”


I’m pretty much in full agreement with Neaux when he labels Japanese rapper DELI’s song “Itsumademo” as “WTF.” Everything about this dude and song seems head scratching…Autotune, a video where symbolism comes via someone overfilling various cups, the fact this guy’s named freakin’ DELI. This should just be an e-mail attachment to a message titled “WACKY RAPPER FROM JAPAN LOL CLICK.”

Here’s the thing…I have a soft spot for T-Pain. At his best (“Buy U A Drank,” “Bartender”) the reigning cyborg prince of pop makes damn catchy Pop&B that just happens to use one of the more hated pieces of software around today. I paid money…real, money!…to download the “I Am T-Pain” app for my iPhone. DELI does a very good T-Pain impersonation here while also avoiding straight biting…he actually raps as well as sings, and the beat isn’t nearly as sparse as most of Mr. “I Fucked A Mermaid’s” work, settling instead for a string-laden cup of syrup that goes down surprisingly easy. T-Pain’s a surprisingly divisive pop figure, so if you hate him you’ll most likely not take to DELI. But if “Bartender” is one of your favorite workout songs, enjoy.

At the very least, we can all laugh at the fact the dude’s named DELI.