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Round-Up Post Featuring Native Rapper, Toyu And Athena

Man, let’s not even get into my productivity on this rainy Tokyo Monday…no greater feeling than spending a day researching something for a story your on deadline for only to realize “wait, this is the worst direction to take it” before starting over completely way too late in the day. Thankfully, Kyoto’s Native Rapper dropped a rather reflective number called “Slow Night Walk,” which you can hear above. It’s a brief two minute respite from the world at large, but a pleasant hopper featuring some fluttery synths. Here are two other electronic numbers getting me through the day:

– Nagano’s Toyu is a little more wonky on his recently released “Get Down” — a night walk it isn’t, unless the warped vocals that transform into idol rap (?) sound like a good soundtrack to an evening stroll. But it is a good bit of texture, one following the steps of Seiho’s gooey cuts from back in the day. Listen below.

– Hey, a song about rain! Tokyo’s Athena created the pitter-pattering “Rain Grain Chaining,” a reflective bit of electronica that is nice to put on while pondering…well, whatever happens to be weighing on your mind at any given time. Listen below.