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Ruckus: Little Dead Girl’s My Boyfriend Is EchoBoy

Watching younger electronic producers who have been kicking around Japan’s community for the last couple of years come up to something a touch bigger is always nice — especially when the music that comes out of it offers something exciting alongside the status boost. Little Dead Girl has hopped around several Tokyo events, and has been releasing a steady string of promising — if not totally there yet — singles over the last year. My Boyfriend Is EchoBoy, though, finds her nailing a balance between good times and tension. It’s all over the opening title track, a number jumping out with island-flavored percussion and light vocal samples before ramping the intensity up via a flurry of synthesizer, moving from beachside to tilt-a-whirl. Listen to that one above. Even better though is “Copy Me,” a strobing dance number delivering dizzying melodies throughout, always feeling close to collapse but holding it together. This scrambled feeling is the best kind of unnerving fun. Listen below.