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Sailin’ Away: New Songs From Pictured Resort And Youthcomics

Indie-pop label Sailyard has become one of the stronger destinations in Japan for all things melancholy and summery in the last few years. Just in time for their marquee season, they have two big releases on the horizon. The first comes from their central act Pictured Resort, a Kansai band that deserves to be slotted in the same zone as, say, cero and Suchmos, but also manage to approach warmer-climes-embracing sounds in a way that does stand out from more mainstream artists. “Stars Above” is a mid-tempo drive of a song, featuring vocals that approach a sigh and guitar melodies that give the tune far more of a hop than the ennui-dripping lyrics would signal. Listen above.

Sailyard is also prepping a new album from fellow Kansai indie-popper youthcomics, who moves at a swifter speed but still captures that twee ennui in songs such as “Weekend.” This is just indie-pop done really well, powered on by a great acoustic strum and energetic singing oozing over with melancholy…while always being catchy. Nothing new, but youthcomics reminds of how great this blueprint can be. Listen below.