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Sapphire Slows Preps Debut 7″ on Big Love Records, Hear “A.melt” Now

Bedroom dreamer Sapphire Slows will release her debut 7″ record on Big Love Records this September, and you can hear new track “A.melt” right now over at the label’s SoundCloud page. Big Love also helps the world out a bit by giving us a few slivers of information about her (born in 1989…geez I feel old) and a semi-mission statement: “Her dance track expresses the space depth beneath the loneliness influenced by various electro music especially psychedelic chill-out.” Up until this point, Slows seemed cut out of the same opaque cloth as the CUZ ME PAIN crew, isolated jams with a dance bent. Yet “A.melt” finds her venturing a bit away from club music, the whole track blending together like smeared water colors. Those vocals…sample or Sapphire herself, doesn’t matter…fill the cracks between the wooshes, making good on the whole “space depth beneath” thing. It’s less CUZ ME PAIN, more A Sunny Day In Glasgow, a rainbow-tastic blend of sounds forming a very specific sort of head space that’s a treat to get lost in. Being alone rarely sounds this colorful. Listen below.

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