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Sapphire Slows Remixes Jesse Ruins’ “Dream Analysis”

Here’s a pairing that makes complete sense – CUZ ME PAIN’s most visible act Jesse Ruins and one of his more buzzed about tracks of 2011, “Dream Analysis,” gets remixed by similarly-cerebral bedroom artists Sapphire Slows. The swirling original mix of the song boasted a bit of a shadow edge, but the general glow of the whole thing came off as ultimately upbeat, like youth being celebrated one final time before the onset of adult life’s numerous coming downs. Sapphire Slows stays true to her name and makes her rework take a bit longer to unfold, the opening seconds dragging (in a good way!) like a narcotic-induced haze. The pace picks up soon, but Slows stays in darker territory, Jesse Ruin’s blast of youth replaced with a minimal whispyness. Listen below.

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Jesse Ruins’ first seven inch record will be released sometime soon on Double Denim records, while Sapphire Slows’ has a record out soon too.