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Scrambled Right: Nekura’s “Koinomiyako City Of Love”

When trying to talk about future funk and the variants on this micro-genre I personally find interesting, I’d point to Tanuki’s “Baby Baby No Yume” as a good example. It’s a heavy remix of an existing song that allows many of the main elements of the original to shine through, but re-arranges enough to offer a new perspective on it (and honestly sound closer to De De Mouse in how it approaches syllables). A lot of similar qualities come through in Nekura’s “Koinomiyako City Of Love,” via Pink Neon Tokyo. Critically is how the producer approaches voices — simply speeding things up only proves so novel, but Nekura stretches the vocal samples here in all kinds of directions, emphasizing the individual sound over anything else. That’s how you make something funky from the past that still manages to excite beyond internet tags. Listen above.