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Scuzzy Is The Word: Zibanchinka’s “Watashi No Nakami Wa Almond”

The lurching, fuzzed-out start of Zibanchinka’s “Watashi no Nakami wa Almond” last a surprisingly long time. Coming in at nearly a minute might not sound impressive, but keep in mind the entire track lasts only two minutes and seven seconds so that’s virtually half of the whole shebang. Yet, oh, how important those 60 seconds end up. Consider this portion of the song the proverbial climb up the roller coaster hill except with a lot more distortion. At the peak, “Almond” plunges down into a body-twisting frenzy of guitar and yelps. The latter ends up being this jam’s calling card – the garage-rock quality lends Zibanchinka a dirty air they gladly exploit. They don’t just sound rough – the band come off like they want to actively hurt the listener via basement sound. The vocals turn into amped-up darts at various moments, and the lead singer just loses it late and goes several stretches just sorta shrieking the lyrics. “Almond” bursts with a violent energy without giving into pure chaos – there is a nice song here, you just have to watch out for verbal bullets. Listen below.

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