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Sedate The Club: Frenesi’s “Furyō Mannequin”


The term “techno-pop” or “electro-pop,” especially when applied to the Japanese pop scene, usually refers to a very manic sort of sound clogged to the gills with noises. Think Perfume or MEG or Cosmetics, you get the idea. Frenesi’s latest single boasts plenty of techno-pop signals – see the programmed beat, 80s-cheese pad hits and those whiny synths – but fits then all into a relatively spacey song. “Furyo Mannequin” approaches techno-pop from a slightly medicated angle, taking its time in playing out all it’s various parts as opposed to the usual everything-at-once pace the genre demands. Even Frenesi herself takes some time to let her vocals roll out. This song, along with fellow space-loving single “575,” hint at a move in the J-Pop dance scene to embrace a little bit of silence. It’s a nice change of pace.