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Self-Promotion Plus: andymori’s Kakumei In The Japan Times

New review over at The Japan Times, this one about the latest andymori album. Check it out to discover why I wasn’t all that impressed by Kakumei outside of the under-two-minute tracks. I will admit that the title track, listenable below, is probably gonna’ be jostling for space on my year-end song list. Shame the rest of the album couldn’t be as grabbing.


One opinion I couldn’t fit into the review – as much as Kakumei left me wishing for more, I have to admit it is a BIG improvement over andymori’s previous release which a bunch of other publications went loopy over. Snoozer named it the best Japanese album of 2010 but…it’s just such a plod! Even this new disc has these fast-burst moments that give it life…that second album just feels lifeless.