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Self-Promotion Plus: INNIT And Sapphire Slows In The Japan Times

Two new articles in The Japan Times worth reading – first, I reviewed Sapphire Slows’ debut EP True Breath. It’s pretty good! Read that one here.

And on the left side of the page, I wrote about INNIT, Kansai’s fledgling electronic event that is bringing together so many great-sounding acts. I talked to a bunch of people involved with INNIT – And Vice Versa, MFP, Magical Mistakes, even Madegg for a little bit – and you can read the whole thing here. INNIT Volume 4 goes down this Saturday in Osaka, at club Nuuoh, beginning at six. You should go if you are around!

Also, check out Daniel Robson’s review of the new Kaela Kimura, as I haven’t written about it here but he does a great job talking about it. Well, except for him dissing “Ring A Ding Dong,” I stand by that song being the shit in the cheesiest way possible (and it’s catchy!). But “Chocolate” is great as well. Read that here.