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She Went Out In Nature: Kindan No Tasuketsu’s “Gogo No Boukenshya”

Incorporating natural sounds into one’s work isn’t a new trick – artists have long been doing that, many of them recently and many of them in Japan. Magical Mistakes jumps immediately to mind with his bird and bug sounds sneaking into his songs. So Kindan No Tasuketsu shouldn’t be praised for her use of nature in the song “Gogo No Boukenshya.” Rather, she should be praised for using it so well – she works in what sounds like boots splashing into water, and this ends up being the closest thing to percussion in the entire song. It also lends to the track’s psychedelic vibe – “Gogo” isn’t an acid freakout of any sort, but rather like spending a little too much time out in the sun and starting to see everything around you spin a little bit. Over a delicate acoustic guitar, Kindan No Tasuketsu’s hushed vocals start overlapping with one another, the artist creating subtle harmonies from this technique. It’s gorgeous, especially the final segment where the words “waiting for you” pile up on one another, almost as if Kindan is trying to make time pass by faster. One of the year’s prettiest songs yet. Listen above.

And we’ve totally slept on Kindan No Tasuketsu…start going through all these video, like we have for the past two hours.