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Shintaro Sakamoto’s (Formerly Of Yura Yura Teikoku) “You Just Decided”

OGRE YOU ASSHOLE take note – here’s how you go about embracing soft rock. Shintaro Sakamoto, formerly of long-standing Koenji rock outfit Yura Yura Teikoku, doesn’t half-ass it or treat bongos and saxophones like hats at UNIQLO – dude gives himself over completely to those often maligned sounds, his silky-smooth croon snaking through the feather bed instrumentation. It strongly resembles the one track from OGRE’s Homely that wasn’t a chore, the shiny “Life Work” which seemingly came to the temple of smooth rock music and accepted life as a bongo-slappin’ monk. “You Just Decided” stays in the shade a bit more, but both embrace the sax to a ridiculous degree in a year where the saxophone ended up instrument of the year. Sakamoto sounds as relaxed as a public holiday here. Listen below, and enjoy the rad video.