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Simple Memories: Hachimitsu To Kamenberu’s “Scenery From Seabed” And “Monorail”

Simplicity goes a long way. Osaka’s Hachimitsu To Kamenberu creates sparse synth tunes oozing out emotion, tapping into the complicated feeling a few electronic notes can conjure up and going from there. This two song set highlights what makes the producer so intriguing. “Scenery From Seabed” offers up a delicate whir of electronics in the mold of i-fls or group_inou’s imai (or, when the vocal hiccups enter, early Meishi Smile), capturing a fragile melancholy from simple sounds. “Monorail” incorporates samples of the titular transport, and is closer to i-fls’ musical portraits of everyday life in the suburbs (guessing the monorail in question is the Osaka one just outside of the city center). Get it here, or listen below.