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Sloppy Joe Prep New Album With Kisses Four, Share Some New Songs

Need another reason to stay strong during the last month-and-something of winter besides the hope of not having to wear a peacoat inside anymore? Indie-poppers Sloppy Joe got one for you – they will drop a new album called With Kisses Four on March 9, and if that seems far off they’ve posted a quartet of songs from this LP over here. “The Boy Who Talks About Someone” has the most listens of the new tracks thus far and it deserves them (ignoring the fact it’s probably got the most because it’s at the top of the page). Sloppy Joe split the difference between the romantic chug of The Cure and the vocal tics of Morrissey – the way the lead singer lifts his voice! – with great results worthy of a lot of replays. The title track takes things much slower, turning into a longing, molasses-paced slow dance, while “The Country” plugs horns and skippy drums in to make the most unabashedly twee track here. They also roll out the previously released single “Portrait” for With Kisses Four, and you can watch the video for that tune below.