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Small Scale Bangers: U-Z’s City Light EP

Correctly or not, I’ve always associated Tokyo imprint Flight as a destination for Jersey Club. Yet their latest release, via Osaka’s U-Z, serves to correct that image (that, honestly, maybe I just have), or at least remind they release music of all shapes. And most of it is great, including the City Light EP, which introduces itself as a headier affair on “Under Stream,” a jazzy number that head-bobs forward on a variety of samples and big bright synths. Yet there is a party lurking within — voices say “OK, party people in the house” while the whole atmosphere is that of a get-together just getting started.

From there, U-Z picks the party up, except it all plays out on a small level. The highlight — and, via title alone, best description of the EP — is “Bedroom Anthem,” a skittery track taking cues from juke but adding in sweet twinkly touches that give this a bedroom pop feeling. It’s a banger, for your apartment. “Blue” does a good job too of replicating this, albeit with more sounds that seem ripped from a New Age meditation CD (it works though!). Get it here, or listen below.