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Solo Beauty: Meso Meso

Coke Machine Glow recently posted a review of Tokyo’s Meso Meso’s latest release Spoon, and having never heard of this solo-artist before I’ve been listening to the tracks on her MySpace nearly on loop. Meso Meso’s music sounds well suited for the winter, her songs not unfolding as much as they drift along at a glacial pace. As the CMG review emphasizes, Yumiko uses mostly “cute” instruments (accordion, glockenspiel, toys, etc.) in a rather un-cuddly way: the music never sounds childlike, always retaining a frosty distance from anything familiar. “Koneko” is filled with little cute details, but they are spaced out in such a way as not to drown the song in cuteness but help the tune grow without drastically changing in anyway. Listen to more tracks at Meso Meso’s MySpace, though I can guarantee you this isn’t the last you’ll hear about her on this blog.