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Space Invader Stomp: MFP’s “Steppin’ Into Changes”

Welp, officially a trend. The past few weeks have seen a sudden increase in electronic artists in the Kansai region (the area around Osaka and Kyoto) pumping out great stuff, ranging from the hometown sun-splosion Tokuma let loose to the spaced-out blips of MADEGG. Looks like there is at least one community trying to foster an electronic community in the area – INNIT, the Osaka Electronic Music Constitute, serves as a mental meeting room/live event where ideas get exchanged and tried out for means of “exploring the possibilities of electronic music.”

MFP constitutes one of the members of this community (as does MADEGG) and his new track “Steppin’ Into Changes” continues the recent boom in forward-thinking electronic music in the Kansai region. Like MADEGG and, to some degree, Takuma, MFP seems drawn to the all-encompassing madness that is Flying Lotus – “Steppin’ Into Changes'” 8-bit showers and glowing synths recall all sorts of moments scattered across the Los Angeles producer’s career, and manages to bridge sub-genre canyons into something bigger. Listen below, and expect more from this collective.

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