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Spaced Out: Tsu Shi Mi Ma Re To Release New Album, Pretend To Be Some Space Band Called The Shockings

All relationships need the occasional dash of spice in them to work, a change of scenery if you will. Tsu Shi Mi Ma Re have been performing for more than a decade now, so I don’t blame them for trying something drastically new for their next release. That said…this seems a bit much, the equivalent of buying a houseboat or something. For their sixth LP, Tsu Shi Mi Ma Re have become The Shockings, and the promotional material alongside the album paints them as part of some space-centered movie filmed in the 1960’s. They even made a movie poster! The first single from this album, which you can hear below, isn’t as drastic a change, just a slightly softer take on the rock they have been toying around with for a while now. Yet the music seems sorta secondary compared to the marketing, of becoming a new group and adopting some star-bound film persona. Akeem sums it all up much better than I over at A Fly Variety, so go read that. Check the song below, though!