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Stay Warm And Wobbly With AR30’s Winter Compilation 2018, Featuring Yuichi Nagao, Riemellowjunk And More

Collective AR30 always finds a way to put together seasonal compilations that end up being suitable for their respective months — or at least make said period of time a touch more enjoyable. Winter Compilation 2018 gives this cold stretch of the year a nice, woozy soundtrack with enough action to keep bodies warm. Yuichi Nagao’s “Wind Up” sets the pace, with strings giving way to dizzying electronic touches and a vocal sample that gets bent in al sorts of directions, creating a dizzying song not far off from what mus.hiba was doing a few years back. Some songs sound chillier than others — Nok’s “Laural” in particular moving at a slower pace — but the best moments come on songs such as “Through The Glass” by Riemellowjunk, who uses saxophone, vocal samples and her own voice to create a warm, somewhat fragmented number. Dive in and find your fave. Get it here, or listen below.