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Stillnes Is The Move: cero’s “大停電の夜に”

Not a lot happens over the course of “大停電の夜に’s” six minutes. The members of cero show no signs of being in rush, sprawling out and letting the waves of guitar simply hover along save for a few light solo stretches late in the song. This isn’t the musical equivalent of wasting a Saturday afternoon burning through the first two seasons of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia though. This is music for days off when you can sleep in until 10 and when you finally do wake up you stay under the covers a few more minutes to reminisce on good times, not because you miss them so much as they make this peaceful moment all the better. The vocals on “大停電の夜に” are gorgeous in an understated way, seemingly slipping by but carrying far more power than the sleepy atmosphere hints at. It’s the background harmonizing that gives cero’s latest its dreamy touch, the backing voices pillowing everything else. Sit back and don’t worry about whatever errands you have…just let it absorb you.