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Strange Fruit: Peach

So, based on one of the randomly chosen images appearing in the upper left-hand corner of Osaka band Peach’s website the group at some point played their hometown’s Apple Store. This baffles me because their music seems very un-Apple (har har, a fruit joke!) like. Every iPod ad of the last decade used a cutesy indie number to soundtrack it’s colorful romps through MP3 technology. Or U2. Peach sound nothing like Bono or Chairlift…in fact, reducing their sound to even a horribly vague term like “indie” seems like a monumental task. The easy way out would be to say they play rock mixed with rap, but even that’s not the whole story. It’s more like they’ve taped rap onto rock and dunked the whole thing in big beat. And they didn’t use a very good brand of tape, because these songs come apart super easily and become ear-captivating mashes loaded with boy-girl vocals and stray electronic sounds. Classifying it is pointless, give it a listen yourself. I just can’t see selling an iPad to this.