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Strange Vibes: Friend Of Trip

At what point does something become “noise” music? Nagasaki’s Friend Of Trip toes the line super close, a few mumbled vocals and persistent drums offering up the defense. The group describes there sound as “anti-pop noise,” which would certainly help make the case for the noise tag, before imploring us listeners to “feel us trip.” “Feel” is the exact right term to describe how the overcharged guitars cutting across “Lost And Create” make one feel. It’s an abrasive track capturing the band’s chaotic and playful side (catch the little chuckle the lead singer lets out near the beginning of the track while delivering his nonsense vocals). The standout, though, comes on the 14-minute freak-out “PPS Live.” Structured almost like a post-rock number but far more deranged than Explosions In The Sky could ever wish to be, “PPS Live” stumbles then bellows then stumbles once more before tearing off your head. Forget about feeling them trip…you can feel them eviscerating you.