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Strayed Thoughts: Fraqsea

Tokyo’s Fraqsea doesn’t only make music, but she also has amongst other projects provided cover photos for bands like IROTTO+, Shelling and Lemon’s Chair. Her own musical output appropriately isn’t far removed from the groups she snaps pictures for…specifically, the minimal rock of IROTTO and the dreamy swirl-a-thon of Chair…yet whereas those bands make fully formed songs, Fraqsea pours acid onto structure to leave only the wispy spirit. She blurs the line between ambient noise and proper song, her works filled with ghostly voices and fragile instruments worthy of icy titles like “Glass Lake” and “Garden Of The Iceberg.” Some of the myriad tracks posted online come off as delicate sketches, yet numbers like the ringing cascade of “Rain Forest” or the stunning “Dive” which piles on vocals to the point where they sort of reverberate off of one another, sounding like some alien whale. There are a lot of examples of her excellence here, take a listen.