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Studio Apartment: “Stay” Featuring Stevie Hoang

Though not all uncommon for dance music, the extended intro to Studio Apartment’s “Stay” comes as a welcome change from the blog-addled mindset that if something doesn’t connect immediately, you should hit the “next” button on the Yahoo! music player until you find something that does. The back-and-forth beat ushering in this track works as the proverbial pre-gaming session before a night on the town – drink a few beverages, eat some snacks, pump yourself up for the hours ahead. Three-some minutes in, and “Stay” bursts into full-on party beat: Stevie Hoang steps into the laser-like fray to deliver robo-assisted vocals vaguely evoking Ne-Yo (well, at least the hook). Like most evenings spent out on the town, “Stay” might go on a bit longer than it should, but the pure pleasure dripping out of this Studio Apartment jams makes it all good. Listen here.

Also, if you can, try to nab the “Stay” single. It features some class remixes, including DJ KOMORI’s subtle take which I’m diggin’. Hunt it down, start here!