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Summer Feel: Commune310 Presents Commune310 Suika Featuring Loopcoda, Dog Noise And More

Summer might be nearing a close, but Commune310 refuses to let it pass without a final rush of party-ready tunes. Commune310 Suika gathers tracks from a variety of producers, all leaning towards the up tempo and vaguely summery (which, I guess for me, means fast and/or sweaty). This ranges from the faded future-funk bounce of Mikazuki Bigwave to the packed-tight synthesizer gusts of HiRoSYO. Upbeat cuts fare the best —- personal highlights include Dog Noise’s spikey skip on “Silverhound” and what amounts to a nightcore take on this song that improves it so immensely as to make me question…a lot, via DJ JASRAC. The top cut, though, belongs to Loopcoda, whose “Kimi To Pool Disco” brims over with joy in its sliced-up vocal samples and slippery synth notes. Jam that one for as long as the warm weather lasts. Get it here, or listen below.