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Summer Sonic Announces First Batch Of Performers: Odd Future, Deerhunter, Primal Scream, Suede And A Whole Bunch Of Shit Artists

So Summer Sonic went and released the first batch of performers for this year’s festival, which you might recall happens over two days in Osaka and Tokyo. Let’s break this down shall we.

– Whoa, this one is interesting. Los Angeles rap clan OFWGKTA or better known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (also known as the dudes who tore up the Jimmy Fallon show the other week) will perform and man, this one will be interesting to watch. Odd Future are currently as hot as any rap crew obsessed with rape and killing Bruno Mars can get, yet I have no idea how a Japanese crowd will respond to this one. From a personal level I’m excited to the point where I’m seriously considering changing major life events – a lot of people dismiss Odd Future for being “gimmicky,” but the kids can really rap (especially ringleader Tyler, The Creator) just download the Bastard album – to see this, especially since I want to see a Japanese crowd – known for being very stoic – react to a show meant to be sorta riot like. Swag indeed.

– Other acts we approve of around these parts – Primal Scream, Suede, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Deerhunter (great live band ya’ll see them) and Friendly Fires. Appearing for the second year in a row is Two Door Cinema Club, who wowed us last year but can they do it again?

– I unironically want to see House Of Pain.

– Panic! At The Disco huh? I thought they dropped the idiotic as fuck exclamation point from their name but Google reveals they brought it back. Guess their sophomore album tanked so hard they thought punctuation might save them. Whatever, I bet they’ll have a really swell stage show if you’re into watching a Hot Topic come to life.

– James Blunt? JAMES BLUNT????? I thought the world learned its lesson???

Expect a whole lot more in the future. Also, still waiting to see what Fuji Rock will do…

UPDATE – Twitter says Fuji Rock released some of its lineup. Uhhhhh where? Hook me up world!