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Sweet Escape: Sugar’s Campaign’s “Piggyback Sleep Road (Rough Demo)”

Well this certainly sounds trippy. Kyoto’s Sugar’s Campaign spaces out on a lazy-river’s worth of psychy sounds on new “rough demo” “Piggyback Sleep Road.” Though the most immediate feature of the song to stick out is probably the plethora of free-flowing electronics and other assorted noises, Campaign manage to craft a lovely guitar-driven song full of space at it’s heart. “Piggyback Sleep Road” could have remained an exciting and out-there tune just with that. Yet Sugar’s Campaign sprinkle all sorts of other Krofft Brother-aping sounds over the demo, though, to take it to another level of weird, man. Whereas similar drugs-have-to-be-involved-in-this bands (The Flaming Lips, Of Montreal, uhhh Pink Floyd?) sometimes get a bit too carried away with visions, Sugar’s Campaign time there substance-fueled moments just right as to never drown out the nice song chilling in the center. Listen here.