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Sweet Pain: Wooman’s “Chilly Wind Just Touched My Cheek”

Calling Wooman a CUZ ME PAIN supergroup would be slightly misleading, as technically that already existed — as the member info page for this new Tokyo project makes clear, Wooman is basically a reunited Faron Square with the addition of Kouta Wakatsuki of Mad Gets. But, considering Faron Square has been finished for quite some time and all the solo projects from the CUZ ME PAIN collective have been relatively quiet as of late, the emergence of this group is exciting. Recently released song “Chilly Wind Just Touched My Cheek” — technically a demo, though I can’t imagine a cleaned up version of it capturing the same shadowy vibe CUZ ME PAIN has always done so well — brings to mind Hotel Mexico (or a less mush-minded Ariel Pink) more than PAIN’s unsettling combination of dance music and rock, although Wooman maintains the unease with the way the vocals just go whatever way they want. Yet anchoring this is one of the most immediately catchy guitar lines anyone from the collective have laid down in some time, making for some solid fever dream power pop. Listen above, and also check out the video for the faster “Supreme Cat” below.