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Taquwami Preps Blurrywonder EP, Listen To A Preview Now


Tokyo’s Taquwami, who has been releasing a steady stream of great music over the past few months, has a new EP out in either July or August (as the YouTube description says, “it’s still up in the air”). He’s put together a preview of the album – called Blurrywonder, which manages to describe his production style in one jammed-together word better than I have for like seven months now – which you can listen to above. Now, one should obviously wait until hearing the whole thing to make big statements like “this sounds great” but…this sounds great. Favorite moment is the song that kicks up at about the 4:20 (heh) mark, the one that sounds like Animal Collective’s synths being melted over cough-syruped Euro-pop vocals. Just click play.