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Tasty Beat: Picnicdisco’s “Backseat”

The Picnicdisco project has been going since 2010, and has released a lot of material in that time (this album is a good [and available!] entry point, and features a song called “Haino Keiji Is Playing At My House” so you know it’s good). They are pretty madcap, jumping from synth-guided numbers to rap bouncers to…well, some sort of combination of the two, often with a bit of a silly, freewheeling attitude (again, “Haino Keiji Is Playing At My House”). “Backseat” is less immediately tongue in cheek — though hey, haven’t dug into the lyrics yet — but rather a funky little rap number that speeds the vocals up for the back half, making for a nice Moonside-version of what came before. Listen above.