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Tech Crunch: FQTQ’s Goodbye Computer

Technology is an overwhelming force in the modern age…so hey, might as well make something fun using it, yeah? Japanese producer FQTQ delivers a pretty straightforward set of electro-pop bouncers on the Goodbye Computer album, and while the cover art indulges in what I imagine is many of our secret desires to boot our computers out a window (just me?), the songs here are mostly concerned with simple movement. The title track fizzles and cracks along, making space for a few cartoon sound effects and a particularly gooey synth line, while “Night People” rejiggers an after-midnight club number into something a bit sillier around the edges, with digital touches sounding like they are about to fall off. FQTQ does best, though, when working with others, whether that’s constructing a twinkly rave up for Mizuki Momoe to sing over on “Full Moon Tonight,” or making space for some sweet sweet sax courtesy of Kusuke on highlight “In Motion.” Get it here, or listen below.