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Terminally Chill: Wai Wai Music Resort’s WWMR1

Japanese indie creators ongoing interest with throwback styles and genres associated with the Bubble era might have reached a logical end with Wai Wai Music Resort’s first collection of songs. Released via Local Visions, WWMR1 embraces the most chilled-out elements of retro music culture, creating something breezy but with an emotional aching still present (to be a little more contemporary, this one should be slotted next to On Vacation, albeit it relies a bit more on vocals). Travel plays a big part in establishing Wai Wai Music Resort’s vibe — an airplane announcement starts the album before it pivots into slow-motion umbrella-drink pop, while highlight “For Lonely Drivers” taps into one of the best city pop gimmicks ever (creating a fake radio station to thematically broadcast your songs) to create a warm number aimed at late-night trips by someone alone in their car. Verses and choruses pop up, but they never rise above a breeze, settling in nicely alongside the relaxed Club Med-worthy sounds (save for the funky “For Lonely Drivers (Sunset Drive Mix),” which feels like a lively bonus cut more than anything else). But in all that relaxation, a lot of time is spent hitting on feelings that sometimes don’t come up in busier music. Get it here, or listen below.