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That Familiar Spring: Mecanika’s “WWM”

I have, over the last six months, associated all things “future bass” with “kawaii” — which is to say, loaded up with chimes and xylophones and maybe the sample of an anime woman talking about cake over some stuttering electronics — that Kyoto creator Mecanika’s “WWM” feels deeply refreshing in how it avoids the sugar rush in favor of something different. Well, and something familiar, as this is how future bass in Japan (and all over the globe…or at least SoundCloud) sounded just a couple years back. Mecanika isn’t breaking new sonic ground here, but he’s doing it very well, adopting tight bass slaps that used to be associated with Seiho and Metome, while also weaving in clever new details, such as the sound of a train crossing (a nice moment of being pulled back to the real world). A nice introduction to the young producer. Listen above.