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That’s One Goal: Concentrate On Popping

The charm of indie-pop lies in the promise of anyone being capable of taking part in it. Twee isn’t all cardigans and crudely drawn cats, but also (at least hinted at by the Sarah Records lineup of yesteryear) a celebration of DIY pop unafraid to show off uneven edges. Concentrate On Popping sound very indie-pop, all fuzzy recording quality and skippy guitar work, yet their music also hides some qualities that an average dude on the street couldn’t replicate regardless of how many K badges adorn his messenger bag. COP can sing – vocalist ハシグチナツコ boast an easy, breezy delivery not far removed from what Vanilla Beans do. She sounds especially stellar on the skeletal but galloping “サボテン,” where the chorus of “sing sing in the high voice” feels less like a command and more like a cute placeholder for what she’s doing. The more languid “レインコートとねこ” finds her stretching out a little, her singing now strolling along save for giving into the moment every once in awhile via wordless rises. COP aren’t avoiding the twee label…they mention cats in the latter track, I believe…but there’s some gifted stuff happening here. Listen here.