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The Blonde Plastic Wagon/ Bugy Craxone: “Touch & Go!!”/”Perfect”

Despite the title, The Blonde Plastic Wagon’s “Touch & Go!!” sounds like no band to ever grace the Touch & Go label. Well, maybe a little bit like Ted Leo, but that’s it. “Touch & Go!!” has more in common with modern-day indie-guitar groups like Los Campesinos!, as lead singer Nobuo Sinohara boasts a higher-pitched voice and the band tend to slip into extra-excited territory (see group hollered chorus). The track’s part of a compilation put together by Northern Blossom Records, and you can listen to it here. Also featured on this comp are Tokyo outfit Bugy Craxone. If “Touch & Go!!” gets a bit too straightforward for ya, Bugy bring the much more erratic “Perfect” to the table. Opening like a particularly stripped-to-the skeleton Deerhoof song complete with high-pitched singing and tickity-tock drums, “Perfect” soon erupts into a messy lurching song seeing Bugy Craxone slowly reconstructing the pieces as they go along. A 50-second sample is the only thing running here, but it offers a lot of promise.